Who is Jack?

Meet Jack! A purebred mix of goofy and love, he is the face of Jack's Sacks. Coming in just shy of 90 lbs, he's the perfect size for couch cuddles, naps and short walks. He's been support through multiple moves, house renovations and endless adventures! Jack is indeed the ultimate ride or die. 

Jack's dad is Wes, a.k.a. the one who makes the sacks. Wes took off on his adventures in sewing after getting the wild idea to try and create his own rooftop tent for outdoor exploration. Starting small to learn how to sew and design, he simply wanted to be able to carry sandals on his bike. While drastically different from the current design, the bar sack was born, lighting the fire to create more and more custom bags. 

The real party began when Wes decided to have a custom frame built by Richmond's own Swood Cycles. While designing the frame, daydreams of custom strapless frame bags were dancing around in their heads. That's when "zits" (a.k.a. bottle bosses) were added EVERYWHERE. Soon after, Wes created his very first Frame Sack. Since that time, he has designed and created everything from ditty bags to a climbing crag pack to a harp case! And the rest, as they say, is history!