Is shipping really free??
Yepper!! I can only offer free shipping within the US, though. See below for details about international shipping! 

Do you ship outside the US?

Yes, absolutely! Your shipping invoice will be sent separately after your order is confirmed! 

What is a good all around sack? 
For most, a Bar Sack and/or a Stem Sack will be the most versatile. Both offer an exceptional amount of volume and make it very easy to access the contents. They can also be easily moved from bike to bike.

Do you recomend a rack for any of your sacks?
Everything I make will work a with rack, if adequate tire clearance is available. For more stability and/or for bigger front bags, I highly recomend Swood's Twisted T-Bar made right here in RVA. 

I have seen other bags in your photos but do not see them listed on your site. 
These items are available "off the menu". Please contact me for details. 

What is the difference between your sacks and other bags on the market?
All Jack's Sacks are certified Bum Trail Optimized by the Board of Amigos. This is the most comprehensive testing currently available.