Insulated Snack Sack **NEW**


By popular demand, Jack's Sacks brings you a fully insulated Snack Sack. Unscientific testing has shown results that this will keep a normal water bottle from showing signs of freezing in a standard household freezer for several hours*!!! Equally awesome success has been shown in keeping something colder-longer!!!

- Comfortably fits a Nalgene (other sizes coming soon)
- Zero plastic hardware to reduce failure due to freezing.
- Attaches to your handlebars and stabilized by your fork
- Handmade in Richmond, Virginia

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These items are made to order right here in RVA. Lead time is currently 2 weeks

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*Disclaimer in regular sized font: I am not a scientist and do not guarantee these results. This product is NOT intended to be the your defense in life threatening conditions. Use at your own risk.