Full Frame Sack

$250.00 - $370.00

Just like the OG Frame Sack, but utilizing the entire frame. Use Snap Sack to get the fit dialed and a preview before it's made! Each come with two large compartments on the drive side and one map pocket on the non drive side. All Frame Sacks are designed digitally with just a picture! See Snap Sack above!

Your choice of straps, laces, bolts (or a mixture of all three! )

Splittable configuration allows use of just the upper (or lower if you're feeling frothy) and the ability to add/remove the other section when you need more space!

An L zip lower compartment is also available allowing easier access to the items stored. Highly recommended for those with smaller frame running a water bladder full time. This also comes with upgraded, bomb proof zippers from Paskal.

I can accommodate most custom requests. If you have any questions, please use the contact link below.

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